1) (invited)

T. Urisu, "Development of planar patch-clamp type photostimulation neural cell network device", Japan-Taiwan Symposium on Nano-Medicine Research and Education, Kyoto, 25 January, (2010).



2) (invited)

     Tsuneo Urisu, Development of in vitro Neural Network Device with Photo-Stimulations and Precise Nanofabrication Technologies üʥΥХեࡢɱϩ㥹ѡۡ롢 2010 ǯ11 15


3)   (invited)

   Tsuneo Urisu, Development of Neural Network Functional Analysis Device based on the Multi-Channel Planar Patch Clamp Method, 4th International Symposium of Nanomedicine, Okazaki, Japan, November 29-December 1, 2010.